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InfoRapid Search & Replace

This is also an Search & Replace tool I use quite frequently. You can search whole directories and subdirectories, filter on specific files, do multiline search and lots of other options.

It looks a bit old and so does their website, but it does it's job. Once you have tried a good Search & Replace tool you won't use Windows search ever again.

This is what they say about InfoRapid Search & Replace on their website:

"InfoRapid Search & Replace is one of the most powerful text retrieval programs currently available for Microsoft Windows. With its built-in converters, it's excellently suitable for searching and previewing HTML and RTF documents. In pure text files, the found text passages can be replaced after the search is over. The search and replace process can be automated with the help of batch files to replace several phrases in one step. The found documents can be opened in a preview window, in which the matches are highlighted. A special feature is that InfoRapid can use Microsoft Office converters to search WinWord, Excel, Lotus and other documents and preview them in their original layout.

The advantages of InfoRapid Search & Replace lie in the diverse search options and in the simple operation and handiness. A click on a hypertext link in the search result list opens the corresponding file in the text viewer and jumps directly to the marked passage. Another click, this time with the right mouse button, brings you back to the search result list. You can browse through the search result list with the function keys F5 and F6, without shifting between the file viewer and the search result list every time. If you discover a word you want to look further on, a double click on it is sufficient to take it as new search expression and start a new search. Up to 999 search result pages and search parameters can be stored in a database, from where they can be recalled via a register."

As an extra plus the program is freeware, so you can freely use it at home or work.

InfoRapid SearchAndReplace