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My Applications

A brief overview of my recent applications I have made.
Mostly I like to work in WPF but I've made a number of things in Winforms and Console too. It much depends on what it needs to do and the time.

If it's a tool I just maybe use once to do something I mostly use a Console Application.
Otherwise, if it's something other people also need to work with I used to make it in Winforms, but the last 2 years I switched to WPF, with or without the MVVM pattern.

Are these applications bug free? Probably not, but a bug can be fixed :)
So are they written in perfect code? Certainly not!
I bet experienced developers can tell me 101 things that I've could have done differently or how to write better code. But, most things I've found out with trial and error, Googling, trying, cursing, re trying and with some help from colleagues. Mostly I'm pleased with how my applications work.

I've learned a lot and there is still a lot to learn, it's a never ending quest..


Membership management

Description: My Sifu from my martial arts club needed somekind of application to manage his members, follow up on payments, insurance, send automatic payment emails, etc.. 
Technology: WPF, C# with MVVM pattern

  • Member management. You can add, edit or delete members. There are fields foreseen to keep track of the member's membership payment and insurance payment. It's possible to keep track of the member's current level with a combobox.
  • In the overview all members are shown.
    In case a member needs to pay his or her membership between today and 2 weeks, the member record is shown in orange and the email button is enabled. When pressing this button a HTML email will be send to the member's email address.
    In case the membership payment is overdue, the member record will be shown in red. The emailbutton is still enabled.
  • Create an Excel file with all the members in the overview.
  • Print details for a single member.
  • Configuration screen for the user's email. From this email the membership payment email will be send to the member.


1_MembershipApp_Overview.png 2_MembershipApp_Details.png 3_MembershipApp_Configuration.png


Other application screenhots to come...