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Add copy file path shortcut to Win7 contextmenu

If you use lots of files and/or need to send the file path to someone else or share it with others you may find this tool very usefull.
It adds 2 shortcuts to your Win7 context menu as you can see in the screenshot below.


How To Install

  1. Download the zip file below or from the original article to a location on your computer hard disk. This zip folder contains two folders named Copy Pathname and Copy Filename.
  2. Extract the folders from the zip file and copy them to C:\Program Files. Please be careful. The folders need to be created only under the C:\Program Files folder. If you wish to extract the folders to some other folder, then the installer .reg files need to be suitably modified first. Please be reminded that the new path in the .reg file need to be escaped properly. 
  3. Navigate to the C:\Program Files\Copy Pathname or the C:\Program Files\Copy Filename folder.
  4. Right-click the installer .reg file to display the context menu and select the Merge option. This will launch Registry Editor.
  5. When Registry Editor prompts you to add the registry entries specified by the .reg file, select Yes, and later select OK to finish the installation.

After this you should see the 'Copy File Name' and 'Copy File Path' shortcuts to the contextmenu.

Original article: More info can be found there.