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Notify ObservableCollection when an item's property has changed

Here's how I get a notification when an item's property in an ObservableCollection has been changed, not the ObservableCollection itself.

The object DisplayOrderItem is just some class which implements INotifyPropertyChanged.

A property of DisplayOrderItem example:

private Decimal _price;
public Decimal Price
	get { return _price; }
		if (value != _price)
			_price = value;


Add an EventHandler to your ObservableCollection:

DisplayOrderItems = new ObservableCollection<DisplayOrderItem>();
DisplayOrderItems.CollectionChanged += DisplayOrderItemsChanged;


The CollectionChanged EventHandler method:

private void DisplayOrderItemsChanged(object sender, NotifyCollectionChangedEventArgs e)
	if (e.NewItems != null)
		foreach (INotifyPropertyChanged item in e.NewItems)
			item.PropertyChanged += new PropertyChangedEventHandler(ItemPropertyChanged);

	if (e.OldItems != null)
		foreach (INotifyPropertyChanged item in e.OldItems)
	item.PropertyChanged -= new PropertyChangedEventHandler(ItemPropertyChanged);


The PropertyChangedEventHandler:

private void ItemPropertyChanged(object sender, PropertyChangedEventArgs e)
	// Do what you need to do here
	foreach (var displayOrderItem in DisplayOrderItems)
		TotalPrice += displayOrderItem.Price;
		TotalQuantity += displayOrderItem.Quantity;

 Now when I say change the Price property of DisplayOrderItem in the collection a notification will be thrown and I can do something with it.