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Why this site?

This site is setup more as note to self. I always seem to forget how to handle somethings, I lost the link or just couldn't remember in which project I used some kind of code/solution.
So I thought why not create my own website and use it as my own source of code and links which I can have quick access to.

You'll find here my own pieces of code or code and links I've found whilst crawling the internet. If I can remember where I got it from I'll add the original link to it in the article.

Mostly I develop in C#, WPF or WinForms. Sometimes I make a website in Joomla, like this one or the one for the martial arts club I'm a member of. 

I hope you can find something usefull here. Should you have any questions or comments you can reach me by PM or email me via the contact form. I'm always open to suggestions or questions!